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Ok really it’s more like three months ago, but who’s counting, right? OH EM GEEEZZEE where did 2014 go?  Soooo, I kicked fall in the face by extending my summer with a few HOT jaunts…first up Jamaica!

I don’t like surprises, but secretly I do… as long as you make sure my face is beat for the Gawds, I have on a bra and decent clothing. If all things align…surprise the hell out of me!!
The real fun is in surprising people, which is really hard for me because I’m usually busting from the seams to share...eek! Well, let me just say I pulled off the coup of a lifetime...bit dramatic, yes! In conjunction with my cousin Samantha, I flew into Jamaica (under a mask of secrecy) and surprised her sister, Neisha, to celebrate her birthday! Nope, it wasn't a milestone birthday, but when you have a cousin like Neisha…you’ll cross oceans to ring in her new year! Thanks to Delta’s wifi…I maintained conversation with her consistently so she had nooooo clue I was en route (a perk of Delta, you may wanna rethink who you fly with now!)Once in Jamaica, I used my quick change artist skills to get ready for the surprise….

The big reveal was followed by a weekend of drinks, yachting, partying, food and fun times with some of my favorite people!

Fast forward two weeks later…I crossed a  major region off my bucket list…I went to DUBAI!! Not only did I go, I went BIG - first class on EMIRATES AIRLINES!! Now let me say, I've flown first class many times , butttt if you’re familiar with Emirates Airlines, you know that the service is fit for royalty and I sure did don my invisible crown as I soaked up the luxury.The innovations are immeasurable. The A380, is a double decker jet suited with showers and a full on lounge/bar...hello Dom and Veuve! Oh and there was WIFI alllll the way to Dubai!! I mean no break in service, I literally sent a message like “hey girl, I’m crossing Russia”! I pretty much spent the 16 hours in a cycle of eat, champs, sleep, rinse, repeat! The trip was brief and intense...a short 48 hours! However, thanks to my friends living in Dubai, I was able to knock out all the “must-see” spots! Here's what I quickly learned about Dubai:

-Dubai is hot, but in a dry heat kinda way…my hair thanks you, Dubai!
-The men are FINEEEEEEEEEE…like sooo fine you’re hard pressed to find an ugly man in Dubai
-Emiratis are the minority…Dubai’s residency is about 85% EXPAT…so unfortunately these fine men are not a dime a dozen
-Luxury takes on a new meaning in the UAE…Dubai Mall will make you feel poor…brace yourself
- Food is amazing!!!!

Things you should know when traveling to Dubai...

- Dubai is not a country, please do not reference it as such…you will look dumb…eek! Dubai is 1 of  7 emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates…likely you’re familiar with the capital, Abu  Dhabi
-UAE is a Muslim country, Sharia law is upheld, as guests of UAE be respectful – no booty shorts  when visiting a mosque…I shouldn't have to tell you that, but hey… * looks at Rhi Rhi*
- Yes, it’s a Muslim country, but each emirate is different…Dubai is the most relaxed in their laws.     You will find women dressed very western and alcohol is sold in restaurants…this is why Dubai is dubbed the Sin City of the middle east

Short of the 16-17 hour plane ride, I loveeeeee Dubai and definitely look forward to going back and living the luxe lifestyle…if even for a few days!

New York, New York

No year is complete without at least one trip to New York…

The hustle and bustle of trying to see friends and family takes intense planning and a few Xanax. I legit schedule people on the hour and confirm these bookings via Google calendar! With firmly planted roots in NY, the purpose of travel was to celebrate my little cousin’s 1st birthday, but I'm notorious for maximizing my time and miles so of course I brunched, lunched, partied, ate a bagel, devoured some pizza, took 3 train rides and crossed 2 bridges…fun was had!

2014 was filled with great travel!! I kicked my year off in Trinidad for Carnival and I'll be ending it in the Caribbean with family! I look forward to sharing my 2015 jaunts (regularly )...I'm planning to skip over to SouthEast Asia and a few other places I've been itching to add to my passport! 

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Tanti Baci! 

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