Saturday, September 13, 2014


I feel robbed. Like the feeling you get when you open a bag of chips and realize you paid for less than half a bag of chips and only all but 4 are crumbled. Dear Summer, why did you come and go so fast? I swear I was just swimsuit shopping and anticipating those sweet sun kisses. Thanks to Atlanta's bipolar weather, I’ve barely maintained my tan and I’m currently wearing a scarf? DaFuq? Labor Day weekend was bitter sweet. Hooray for the day off from work, but booooo for the drop in temperature. If you haven’t realized by now, Summer is my SEASON!!!  I have been known to suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder)…I literally create a strategy and have a pep talk with myself on how I’m going to survive winter. This usually includes a few beach trips…just to remind me that warmer temps really do exist and to work on my vitamin D deficiency…no pun, you filthy people.

With that said, am I really doing a Summer wrap up post? I would have loved to post in the moment, but when you only have 100 days of summer (or less)…it’s hard to pin yourself down long enough to write interesting content…I was too busy living!

Memorial Day Weekend

I just loveeeeeeeeee having house guests…especially when they’re the members of your beloved whatsapp chat group “Life Unscripted”.  I welcomed some of my FAVORITE gal pals and cousins to help me kick off my favorite season over the Atlanta Carnival weekend. Talk about fun times, lots of chatting, eating, bonding, meltdowns (I’m famous for them now) and memories that will last a life time. These girls coupled with my foundation ATL friends really set the tone for life, live it!


I literally feel like I left my heart in Rio! I absolutely ADORE the people and the culture!!  The spirit of the Carioca is unmatched and I’m grateful for all the new friendships I made (sober and tipsy). Don’t get me wrong, I EXPECTED to fall in love…sun, futbol and beautiful people…who wouldn’t enjoy a week in paradise?! However, I didn’t expect to be whimpering and fighting back tears when it was time to go! I’ll let the pictures do the talking, but here’s my VERY high level “Good, Bad, Ugly”

Good- Friendly locals, the ASSES!!!!!, Caipirinhas, #SaltLife, new friends
Bad- why is Pork in most dishes??!?!?!
Ugly- Leaving Rio…seriously thinking I owe myself a year of living in Rio, teaching English and working on my Portuguese


Just a quick weekend getaway…you know when you need a vacation for your vacation? Inserts Nassau…90 minute flight and BOOM, beautiful water, good friends and my Grammy!!

Now that summer is unofficially over, I need to pencil in a beach getaway for the sake of tan maintenance, decide where I’m going to ring in the New Year and get started on the 2015 trip planning!

Summer Honorable Mentions:

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