Monday, June 16, 2014


Rio de Janeiro...full stop! Unless you're living under a rock, you're probably running a World Cup fever or you should at least be a little warm and clammy (hate that word, love grossing people out with it). Myself and two of my favorite people will be making the cross Atlantic jaunt to join the madness! We're keeping our schedules pretty open, but you just can't hit Rio without doing some of the touristy stuff and documenting with obligatory photos like the quintessential Christ the Redeemer pose, a few of those "view of the ocean" pix aka look at my oiled/tanned legs and let us not forget the caipirinha photo ops. We'll do it all, meet new people, enjoy the football cult life, but what I'm most excited about is our day out to sea...I LOVE boats!

A few deets about my trip:

Accommodations: Thank God for chocolate and AirBnB (completely unrelated, yes), but I can't stop testifying on my love for AirBnB! We're staying in West Rio, Barra da Tijuca, it's about 11 miles away from the city center - a 30 minute ride in Rio traffic. We're staying in a high rise condo directly across from the beach with every fancy schmancy amenity you can imagine for 1 week during the WORLD CUP...all for $1,800...can't beat that with a stick!

Air: I've always been a Delta Airlines girl, but they really carved out a permanent spot in my heart when they gave me a travel voucher after my ticket went down by $500!! Who does that??? Delta does!!!! #KeepClimbing

Must Do:
Christ the Redeemer
Mountains/Beaches- Sugar Loaf Mountain, Copacabana, Ipanema
Jardim Botanico
Santa Teresa
Favela Tour
Visit a Samba school

So these next few days, before takeoff, will be dedicated to me learning a few Portuguese phrases, getting my hair and nails done...oh and my wax appointment - should I save that for Rio? I mean a Brazilian in Brazil...could be blogworthy, right?!?!?!

Stay tuned to Instagram because I'll be hashtagging the hell out of everything...#FromRioWithLove



YsanneBueno said...

Love this post! Enjoy Brazil for me!

Samantha said...

Officially jealous! Take me with you or at the very least bring me back a baller #thanksinadvance

Paula Faour said...

My friend Kamaria, come to Rio more times !! ��