Sunday, June 8, 2014

REWIND <- <- <-

Oy vey what can I say??? One year sure does fly when you're having fun *nervous laughter*. I've been an awful BlogMommy, buttttt as a result I have tons of great memories likeeeee my family reunion in TDot- gotta love the Canucks, my dirty 30 in Europe, that time I ran away to a mystery island, NY shenanigans, Boxing Day in Jamaica (no one was injured), Trinidad for Carnival, breakfast in Barbados/lunch in Jamaica and a trip to visit Grammy- she lives where you vacation #Nassau...yes, selflessly, I did it all for you *winks*. Now time to get my groove back on this here blog and remind you why traveling is the shit and how you can do it all with champagne taste on a beer budget! Brace yourself for this past year's who, what and where in pix..


What next for me? Caipirinhas, futbol and beach...I'm going to Brasil, ya'll!!! Stay tuned for deets on my upcoming hajj to the mecca of FUTBOL!! #WorldCup2014

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