Monday, June 10, 2013

Allow me to reintroduce myself...

Aaahhh has it REALLY been 4 months? I'm officially theeeee worst ;-( Trust me when I say life has been super CRAY CRAY! Between co-owning a small biz and 40hrs at my grown up job...I can barely keep my eyes open. Siiigggghhh lo siento (that's I'm sorry in Espanol lol). So I won't promise (again) that I'll write 5x/week, but I do promise to warn you before I take another random hiatus...*besos* Ok, lets see here what do I need to catch you up on...

Jamaica Carnival (April) - Per usual, I had to hit the streets of Kingston for Bacchanal! Annual fun with the fam and friends:

NY(April)- Super quick trip to the #ConcreteJungle for my sister from another mister's baby shower! I love Amanda and her Hubz to pieces, I wouldn't miss this special event for anything...can't wait to meet baby Mazza! The wee one is done baking and should be here any day now! Also, you know it wouldn't be right if I didn't cram a million things into a tight trip, so I had to take a little time out to see some of my fave gal pals:

Coming up in T-18 is my mini world tour pre-Dirty30 birthday trip...whew! First stop is Toronto for my family reunion then I'll bounce over to Rome, Italy where I'll meet up with my girls - Laurian, Rozilin and Ciscely. From Rome, we head to Naples/Capri for a little yacht life and Neapolitan ice cream...duh! We'll end the Europe jaunt in Paris, where I hope to do nothing but drink champagne, eat macaroons and take in some awesome art and culture!

Here's to the kickoff of a great summer *pops bottle*