Friday, February 22, 2013

Tales from TheGlamtrak: Francine Bethune, Blue Ridge

If you're looking for a fun local trip with friends...renting a cabin is a good look! Check out my girl Francine's recent winter getaway....

I am a warm blooded chick and being from the warm island of Jamaica, I usually prefer to vacation in warmer climates.  But this time I decided to venture to the North Georgia Mountains of Blue Ridge in the middle of winter to celebrate my birthday. Selecting a cabin in Blue Ridge is a daunting task as there are tons of cabins to choose from and each one has different features. So after months of research I selected a cabin called Aska Adventure Lodge located in the Aska Adventure area of Blue Ridge. I liked this cabin as it featured mountain views, wrap around outdoor porch with fireplace, fire pit, 3 levels, flat screen TV’s, pool tables, games and 9 person hot tub.

So on Feb 1st, a few friends and I ventured to the mountains to the cabin for the weekend. The drive from Atlanta city was only an hour and a half, not bad for a weekend getaway.  The area was very rural and the closer we got to the cabins, the roads were winding and narrow.  It felt like an adventure, it was exciting, it was something new. The cabin was very rustic, very quaint but comfortable.  I felt like I was really in the country, we saw cows, horses but no bears. The views of the mountains were calming and it felt different than any part of Georgia I was used to.  As soon as we got in, we lit the fireplace to warm up as the cabin was a bit cold. I brought plenty of food, wine and rum punch so that we would not need to have to leave and find a store.  Later that night in 30 degree weather I decided to try out the hot tub. Once you are in, it is warm and nice; you don’t even feel the cold. Getting out is a challenge, the good thing is that the door was close by. The next day we got up excited to hit some walking trails and check out the village life but to our surprise it started to snow. After hearing that some of our neighbors could not drive up the hill due to the snow we decided to stay put. What else better to do in the snow but have a SNOW FIGHT! We also made a make shift sled out of a foil pan cover and slid down the hill in the backyard.

Later on, we all chipped in and made a big dinner that night, even bbqed some chicken outside. We used the outdoor fireplace to make smores for dessert, yum... We ate, drank, and drank, talked, watched movies, danced, laughed a lot, played games and ended the night back in the hot tub. It is a great time to spend with friends. It was like a big slumber party.  Cabins of course are great for romantic getaways as well. My only regret is that we did not see any bears, we did see some strange foot prints in the snow which could have been a mountain lion, yikes. Next time, I will go back in warmer weather, maybe get a river view cabin.

- Francine

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