Friday, November 9, 2012

Window or Aisle!?!?

I love this  article I found on CNN...I swear I have this debate with friends at least once a month. Window or Aisle? I personally prefer the you know I have my "issues", so the window makes me feel in control, kinda like a co-pilot. That moment when the plane shakes, I can take a quick look out and say "duuuhhh, we're flying through tons of big fat clouds" and then when I feel a sudden descent I can see that we're starting our initial decline because we're a few miles from landing.

On top of that, I cannot be bothered with the endless "excuse me, can I pass to go to the bathroom?" I have one friend who is totally #TeamAisle, but he abuses his aisle power...this guy literally shuts down bathroom breaks by IGNORING the requests to pass. I pray to sweet baby jesus that one day a big sweaty man straddles him mid turbulence as he crosses over to gain bathroom access lol. Between the bathroom breaks and the crotch you're met with when people are stuffing their bags overhead...I'm soooo good on the aisle seat. I mean, yes you get a 2 second head start to exit the plane, but is it really worth it?

I would LOVE to hear from you all...are you window or aisle!?!? Any middle seat peeps out there?


jodes said...

window! freaking window!! and guess who's in charge of the blinds? meeeeee. mwhaha. you want to see? i want to sleep. or guess what? i want to see! not you. ok, it's not because of the power...i just like to see what's going on outside.

Ramona said...

aisle all day! and i am happy to get up no mater how many times you bother me...not trying to have unsolicited crotch in face. for you window watchers, however...i'd like the blinds to stay up, so that even though i'm not beside it (don't need to see water or random islands or cars the size of ants), i too can be comforted by clouds in times of turbulence. i just want to be able to stretch my old woman knees when i feel like, or grab something from the overhead bin that couldn't fit into whatever i threw under the seat!