Thursday, August 9, 2012

GUEST BLOG, Hope: 4 Travel Partners To Avoid

Gotta love my girl Hope ( )…she’s literally one of the funniest gals I know!!! So when she kicked this guest blog topic to me, I was sooooo excited to share her POV ;-) We ALL know these people below *rolls eyes

I really enjoy traveling I mean who doesn't dream of one day sipping a latte in Paris, or enjoying the sun in Italy or even going a little cheeky on the beaches of Brazil. Everybody has their list, but it’s sometimes hard to find that perfect travel partner. The person that is down to go anywhere and pretty much do anything, those people are few and far between. I think most of us are stuck with friends who would rather talk about traveling than actually do it. Over the years I've identified and narrowed down the specific culprits and here they are in no particular order…

1. The Rain Cloud- This person is the ultimate naysayer. If you mention the word travel, they name every disease (Ebola, malaria, swine flu) that has hit the world in the last 25 years. They also mention every natural disaster that has hit that region since the beginning of time. If you name a particular country, they immediately mention how long and horrible the flight is. This person is so annoying and I tend to steer clear because the last thing I want is to be scared to death of a vacation!
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2. EL Cheapo- This person is just that … CHEAP. They never plan to travel anywhere that cost more than $500.  Most of the time this person is last on your invite list and you are usually desperate when you ask BUT by this time you are trying to fill a spot. Well, I’m telling you now.. Save your breath! If they do somehow scrounge and yes I mean SCROUNGE up the money to go, when they get there they will not have any spending money, so usually you are stuck paying for this person the entire time. You are just better off leaving el-cheapo at home or by then end of the trip you will be going by the same name.

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3. The Travel Agent No One Hired- This one gets me… it really does. And Imma tell you why. As soon as you mention a place to this person, they become Expedia, Trip Advisor and all at once. But wait... the kicker usually is … THEY AIN’T EVER BEEN ANY WHERE! This person is telling you how great South Africa is based on episodes of the Real Housewives of Atlanta! “ PLEASE KNOCK IT OFF LIES-A MINNELLIA!”
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4. Whishy-Washer-  Never and I mean NEVER make plans with this person, unless you want to cancel at the last minute or rush to find someone to take their place (usually el-cheapo) so you are better off just not asking them. The main clues that you have a Whishy-Washer is they say stuff like this, “I will let you know next week” or “ Just let me know how much it is" That’s code for I’m not going, but I don’t want to upset you or hurt your feeling at this moment. I am the person that calls out a Whishy-Washer, and they hate me, but hey somebody has to do it, and I don’t  mind. There is nothing like getting your hopes up just to be shot down by a WW.
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If you are friends with any of these confused and misguided travelers, take my advice and make new friends and categorize them as your “travel companions” or if you are brave enough, travel alone and meet people along the way! Traveling is a gift that a lot of people are blessed to take advantage of. If you are able to see the world with someone who is as enthusiastic as you then that is an extra bonus.

Happy Travels and Stay Free!


Natty Boom-Boom said...

OMG! This looks fabulous. I've been looking for a nice fall staycation spot.

jodes said...


and the wishy washy always cancelling one - *straight face*
especially when you done add up everything and split it how much ways, this one nuh waan guh.

(Bee) said...

Love the post. I have come across everyone on those mentioned on your list. Thank goodness I don't depend on them to travel! If you don't want to come then SEE YA!