Thursday, July 26, 2012


Omgosh….I saw this article (7 Signs You're Going Through Travel Withdrawal) on today and I just had to bring it over to theglamtrak…I’m currently suffering SEVERE travel withdrawal. I’m soooo ready to ‘kiss the sky’…shocking considering it will take approximately 3 rum and cokes and 10 messages from friends assuring me turbulence is normal in order for me to get on a steel bird....nonetheless, I’m READY TO GO. Enough of the day dreaming...I’ve Polyvored vacation outfits, I’ve pinned a bunch of other people’s travel pix to my Pinterest travel board (@kammikayke…follow me). I’m itching for a proper Euro summer getaway….blame this on Rhianna’s Cannes yacht pix on Instagram (@kammikayke…follow me). I would love to just go to the Delta counter tonight (yea, Delta and I are back in love) and say book me on the next thing smoking to Italy or Turkey or Greece or Thailand. 

Pray for me…get your crystals out…mamma needs a trip!

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for the shout out, Kay!!!!!! You're idea sounds like a Plan! Go for it!

Jen :0)

I followed you on Twitter and liked your Facebook page.