Thursday, June 28, 2012

GUEST BLOG: Kimberley, TheGlamDiaries

Hi Lovies! I've invited my good friend (and fellow product junkie) Kimberley of TheGlamDiaries to give us a list of her top 10 Summer travel must haves! Enjoy and make you check out her blog: for more useful tips, reviews and trends.

Summer is here *excited voice* and I'm sure you will be Glam-Traking it somewhere! Wherever that might be, don't be caught without a few beauty travel essentials. Here is my quick list of some items you should def throw in the bag!

1. Bronzer- How else did you plan on showing off that sun-kissed face? Bronzer is a must for that perfect after tan glow. So go ahead and glow on!

2. Clear Travel Bottles- Don't sacrifice your beauty routine on vacation. Nothing is worse than being stuck somewhere without your favorite product. So transfer those beauty gems of yours and still keep your packing light.

3. Hydrating Mist- It is a constant argument that I have with my girlfriends...YES, the air on planes mixed high altitudes DOES dry our skin out! Hydrate your face during your flight with a mist to keep your skin looking and feeling refreshed.

4. Fragrance Rollers - These compact treasures are now available in many of our fave fragrances. Freshen up post flight, I know I can't be the only one that feel airplanes are not the most fragrant places *scrunches up nose*. Let's face it, Musty Marva may have been in our seat that last leg.

5. Sunscreen- We all love the beach, but don't be out there with unprotected skin. Premature aging is No Bueno!

6. Product Infused Towelettes - This is one travel beauty product that I have yet to try, but I know is a must! I learned about these in this month's InStyle... these towelettes are  infused with any product from sunscreen to facial moisturizer, to nail polish remover which makes for uber light packing! Sounds like a winner ;-)

7. Body Acne Fighter- I know you've packed a few skimpy numbers, so be sure to have the right ammunition available if body acne rears its ugly head on your trip.

8. Sun Burn Gel - Admit it, we can get a little beside ourselves on vacation. So that means we may spend an extra 5 hours in the sun that we know our skin may not be able to handle. Be prepared with a soothing aloe gel to help you heal.

9. Bug Repellant - Do we have any glampers in the house? If so, keep packing easy with these convenient wipes from Avon. Chewed up skin is not on trend.

10. Hair Treatment - Can you wait to take a million dips in that inviting pool or my 1st true love, the ocean? I can't! Slather your locks pre-dip with some protective treatment. Your strands will thank you later when you get ready for your night on the town!

Don't forget to check out to find your favorite products in travel approved sizes. Happy Glam-Traking!


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