Thursday, May 17, 2012


Naturally, the airlines won't be advertising these new U.S Department of Transportation regulations, but since I'm your girl...I had to share:

1) You can now hold a reservation without payment for 24 hours (for those times you see a good deal on a Thursday, but you don't get paid til Friday...I'm not judging)

2)Airlines must promptly notify you of any flight cancellations, delays or diversions of more than 30 minutes

3) Airlines can no longer increase ticket prices after purchase...wth?!?! I've never experienced this one...

4) Airlines must include all mandatory taxes and fees in published airfares...this one is for you SPIRIT!!!

5) This is my FAVE....airlines will have to give more money to passengers that are involuntarily bumped from oversold flights...

So with that said:


Monday, May 14, 2012

"Miss Travel" can miss me....

I'm usually open to new cool ideas, but "Miss Travel" is a hot mess (spoiler alert) as far as I can tell. This new "dating service" claims to be the go to travel dating site for generous and attractive people. Apparently, there are tons of rich men that want to travel, but don't like traveling alone (eye roll). So they join this service to find a companion (an attractive one of course)...then all you have to do as the "attractive companion" is be available for a first class trip completely paid for by said rich guy. Even when you look past the fact that the site owner has a portfolio of "sugar daddyesque" dating sites, it doesn't take a genius to realize this is a friggin escort service...blegh

"...but you don't have to take my word for it"...check out the deets below.