Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It may seem that I've fallen off of Earth, per my lack of blog posts...but let me just say, the last 60 days have been CRAZY!!!!!! My cousin and I finally opened doors to our first business, A Toast to Art (http://www.atoasttoart.com/). I celebrated my bestie's last fling before the ring in Puerto Rico last month (NOTE- there was no "flinging", just 8 girls, sun , beach and TONS of Bacardi), I took a quick trip to Jamaica for Carnival and I'm currently packing for an EPIC weekend in Chicago for my girl Amanda's bachelorette weekend! Wheeewwwww....so as you can imagine between my grown up job, my new baby A Toast to Art and endless celebrations...I've been a busy gal. No complaints here...life is GOOD!

I've put together a random set of pix below so you can see what I've been up to these days...ENJOY!!! Leave comments...I miss this space, I hope you missed me too ;-)

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Samantha said...

IT WAS AN AWESOME TIME! you left out pics of your day trip to beautiful Portland, Jamaica!