Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tales from TheGlamtrak: Cis Ramseur, Mardi Gras

My girl Cis has finally recovered enough to give us the PG13 summary of her trip to Mardi Gras...I was lucky enough to see the full album and let me just say I can not let another Mardi Gras pass me! 

Purpose of  visit? Wellll...My family is from Louisiana and I felt shameful that I had never experienced Mardi Gras. And also, I've been trying to knock things off of my bucket list this year...So it was either Mardi Gras or learn French fluently. I chose to party!!!

What was the exchange rate...were things expensive? The French Quarter is like your usual tourist trap wherever you go. You'll pay $13 for a hamburger and $12 for a drink that has very little alcohol ;-(

Favorite local hangout? Honestly, Bourbon Street is the place to be during Mardi Gras. Everyone is hanging over the balconies yelling things and throwing beads. The people watching is SPECTACULAR. All the bars and restaurants are on Bourbon Street or an adjacent one...and you're always a couple of steps away from a parade!


What one item are you so glad you packed? Flats! I had all these cute outfits packed with cute heels to match...yeah...No. Parking is a nightmare because all the streets are blocked off for the parades, and when you do find a spot, its $20-30 to park. So you must walk everywhere to get where you're going. All of those "cute" outfits with heels turned into "I'm gonna wear these same ole' boots with this outfit and no one will care cause they're drunk anyway!"

Favorite eats/drinks? Everything! Things you must try while in New Orleans: Cajun Gumbo, Creole Gumbo (there is a difference), Shrimp and Grits, Po Boy, a Seafood Boil, Muffaletta, Beignets, HandGrenades, Etouffee and REAL Pralines! Unfortunately, Crawfish are not in season during Mardi Gras, BUTTTT if you happen to make it to New Orleans during the season, order a pound or two...

What should you stay the HELL away from when visiting New Orleans? Dark Alleys

What were the highlights of your trip? Will Ferrell throwing beads off a balcony. I would like seriously
marry this man and have his sweet baby Jesuses.

Are you ready to quit your job, pack two bags and move to New Orleans? Uh, no. New Orleans is nice to visit, but unless I had a pied-a-terre in the French Quarter with sound proof walls and a high metabolism...couldn't do it.

Any advice to people interested in going to Mardi Gras? Try to get your hotel as early as possible. I made the mistake of purchasing my room two weeks before ;-( The price I paid for waiting til the last minute for a 3 star hotel, I could have stayed at the St. Regis in Atlanta witttthhhhh a spa package.

How were the locals? The locals are extremely nice...everyone speaks and is genuinely friendly.

Special Jaunts: Cafe DuMonde, The French Market, Mother's, any Zydeco Bar, Cigar Bar

What was the wildest thing you did that you would NEVER do at home? o_O no comment

Was there any eye candy? With my beer goggles...YES!

Name 5 "before I die" places you want to travel to:
1. Marseille
2. Vancouver (dont't ask)
3. Phuket
4. Rio
5. Portofino

What's the next trip? Mexico! If I die as a result of the drug cartel, I'll be glad I chose Mardi Gras over learning French!

- Ciscely

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Anonymous said...

So this is what you've been up to huh...glad to see ur doing well and enjoying yourself!
-M. Ferris