Sunday, January 1, 2012

TOP 3s OF 2011


After reading Evita's Cyberspace Ritual.... I just had to borrow it!! Here goes:


Top Places:

1. London

2. Trinidad

3.  Jamaica

Top People ( I can't do 3 I would be skinned and fed to dogs...revising to top 10): 

1. Bethany

2. Natalie

3. Ramona

4. Neisha

5. Kirstin

6. Ciscely

7. Terrell

8. Tashina

9. Kimmy

10. Kitanya

Honorable Mentions : Naj, Amanda, Jodi, Wes, Sammi, Kai !!!!!

Top Events:

1. Trinidad Carnival

2. NATmas 2011

3. Annual birthday debauchery

Top 3 Hardest Moments:

1. Moving home for 1 year to reset...(exits stage left to new digs 1-13-12)

2. Sibling strife

3. Typical boy blah blah blah (READ: "We have a good thing, but is that a good thing" - jcole)

Top 3 Epic Fails:

1. Hurricane Irene killing my Labor Day plans

2. Highway shrapnel attacking my car 2 months after purchase

3. All diets

Top 3 Words/Phrases (my friend Kimmy is really the QUEEN of Idioms)

1." Been there, done that, got the tshirt"

2."F%&k outtta here"

3. "You're doing the MOST"

Top 3 Successes:

1. TheGlamtrak

2. A Toast to Art

3. Paid off 84% of my debt


Top 3 Trips for 2012

1. Spain

2. Argentina

3. Wherever Ramona's law school study abroad takes her...I'm running in ;-)

Top 3 Plans for 2012:

1. Super cliche, buttttt WEIGHT LOSS ( like for real for real this time lol)

2. Lower my financial overhead so that I can slowly step away from the 9-5 world and truly enjoy "freedom of choice"

3. "The same thing we do every night Pinky- try to take over the world"

Leave a comment with some of your top plans!


Kimberley said...

I am in love with this post! You did that! Lol

Ramona said...

DWLLLLLL@ #3 in "Trips for 2012"!!!! I GOT YOU BOO!!!

Typical boy blah blah blah....girl, you and all the girls in the world.

And....shoutout to the fellow Caliente/Ocho Rios crew for the annual birthday debauchery ;-) ....I actually wasn't feeling the drive that day, but I have to admit, I had a great time, and the look on your face with TheGlamTrak cake was PRICELESS!

<3 you!

TheGlamtrak said...

<3 you too Moni!!!!

Doneisha said...

I made it on the list!!! Congrats on your top 3 successes..luv ya