Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012 Travel Wish List...

Oy vey, where did the time go...I can't believe its been three weeks since my last post...sorry lovies! Its been crazy these days...between moving to my new spot and lots of "fun" at work...I just couldn't find the time yikes!

During one of my long showers, I thought it would be cool to make my 2012 travel wish list ;-) Now before I get the emails asking about my "underwriter"  or what club I strip at on the weekend or if Bill Gates is my sugar daddy...let me just say this is just my WISH list. Clearly, I would need to hit the MEGA MILLIONS lottery to afford all of these trips ( I was only 5 numbers off last week!!!).

In no particular order:

Phuket, Thailand: See pic below...need I say more?!?!?!

Cape Town, South Africa: Helloooo Mama Africa!! Cape Town is known for its rich history, many wineries and a crucial party scene. I'M INNNNNNN ;-) *Ramona send off your law school study abroad application NOW plz and tonx*

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront: Source- Barry Morgan

Barcelona, Spain: Me + Lionel Messi + paella = Heaven

Sagrada Familia: Source- Barry Morgan
Buenos Aires, Argentina: My home away from home is calling...I haven't been in two's time for me visit my Porteno family.


London, England: You know how I feel about Londie Londie

Tokyo, Japan: My good friend Shoy and her hubz recently moved to Tokyo...I think its time to visit them and say Hello to Kitty (lol I'm a cornball)

Jamaica/Bahamas: this is a no brainer... between all the destination weddings, birthday trips and family I have to visit...I'll definitely be frequenting Jamaica and The Bahamas

Los Angeles, California: LaLa Land...UGGs and shorts anyone!?!?!

New Orleans, LA: Can you believe I've never been *shocking* I need a beignet or two...merci beaucoup!

Chicago, IL: One of my favorite cities...Gold Coast Dogs yummo!!!

San Diego, CA: Everyone is telling me this is a MUST-DO...can't wait to visit ;-)

Source: D.Jamaal Photography
Philadelphia, PA: aaahhh Illidelphia summers have a special place in my heart...

Source: D.JamaalPhotography

Miami, Florida: I just can't let the year slip by without a visit (or two) to SoBe!

Source: D.JamaalPhotography

Savannah, GA: Perfect weekend getaway  for when you just need to satisfy that seafood and sand craving.

Source: D.JamaalPhotography

New York, NY: Currently Atlanta is my husband and NY is my side jawn...gotta run in to my Concrete Jungle  ;-)
Source: D.JamaalPhotography

Where are you going this year...don't be shy...leave a comment below.

Oh and in other news...thanks to my girl Crystal (LoveByrdPhotography) I've finnnaaaallly published the Facebook page (search TheGlamtrak- no space)...please like it and share ;-)

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GhillyB said...

That is one long list Kay, let me know if you wanna share your sugar daddy with me :)

All great choices, I'm really feeling Thailand and of course I wouldn't mind throwing Malaysia into my mix and Fiji!