Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012 Travel Wish List...

Oy vey, where did the time go...I can't believe its been three weeks since my last post...sorry lovies! Its been crazy these days...between moving to my new spot and lots of "fun" at work...I just couldn't find the time yikes!

During one of my long showers, I thought it would be cool to make my 2012 travel wish list ;-) Now before I get the emails asking about my "underwriter"  or what club I strip at on the weekend or if Bill Gates is my sugar daddy...let me just say this is just my WISH list. Clearly, I would need to hit the MEGA MILLIONS lottery to afford all of these trips ( I was only 5 numbers off last week!!!).

In no particular order:

Phuket, Thailand: See pic below...need I say more?!?!?!

Cape Town, South Africa: Helloooo Mama Africa!! Cape Town is known for its rich history, many wineries and a crucial party scene. I'M INNNNNNN ;-) *Ramona send off your law school study abroad application NOW plz and tonx*

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront: Source- Barry Morgan

Barcelona, Spain: Me + Lionel Messi + paella = Heaven

Sagrada Familia: Source- Barry Morgan
Buenos Aires, Argentina: My home away from home is calling...I haven't been in two's time for me visit my Porteno family.


London, England: You know how I feel about Londie Londie

Tokyo, Japan: My good friend Shoy and her hubz recently moved to Tokyo...I think its time to visit them and say Hello to Kitty (lol I'm a cornball)

Jamaica/Bahamas: this is a no brainer... between all the destination weddings, birthday trips and family I have to visit...I'll definitely be frequenting Jamaica and The Bahamas

Los Angeles, California: LaLa Land...UGGs and shorts anyone!?!?!

New Orleans, LA: Can you believe I've never been *shocking* I need a beignet or two...merci beaucoup!

Chicago, IL: One of my favorite cities...Gold Coast Dogs yummo!!!

San Diego, CA: Everyone is telling me this is a MUST-DO...can't wait to visit ;-)

Source: D.Jamaal Photography
Philadelphia, PA: aaahhh Illidelphia summers have a special place in my heart...

Source: D.JamaalPhotography

Miami, Florida: I just can't let the year slip by without a visit (or two) to SoBe!

Source: D.JamaalPhotography

Savannah, GA: Perfect weekend getaway  for when you just need to satisfy that seafood and sand craving.

Source: D.JamaalPhotography

New York, NY: Currently Atlanta is my husband and NY is my side jawn...gotta run in to my Concrete Jungle  ;-)
Source: D.JamaalPhotography

Where are you going this year...don't be shy...leave a comment below.

Oh and in other news...thanks to my girl Crystal (LoveByrdPhotography) I've finnnaaaallly published the Facebook page (search TheGlamtrak- no space)...please like it and share ;-)

Friday, January 6, 2012


With 4 trips planned to Jamaica for the year, it should be obvious that this is one of my faaavvvoorritteee playgrounds! For me, Kingston is family time, food, parties, and FOOD (so good worth mentioning twice)!!

If there is anyone that knows Kingston, it's my cousin Neisha.This girl keeps her ears to the ground and is always on top of what's current in the city! Trust me, grab a pen because you'll want to take notes from this Kingstonian...

{Local Attractions}

1. The Bob Marley Museum: "The Man, the Myth, the Legend", if you have no clue who this man is, stop reading now because he is only the man who has been spreading "One Love" around the world with his infectious voice. Gone too soon, but not to be forgotten; visit his former home now turned museum at 96 Old Hope Road

2. Devon House: First owned by Jamaica's first black millionaire, this locale is a can't miss for its rich history, architectural greatness, and need I say the world famous ice cream from the 'I Scream' Shoppe. Buy some ice cream, a slice of cake and sit and indulge your sweet tooth, eyes, and mind, as you admire this breathtaking property rich in Jamaican history.

3.Hellshire Beach: Beaches abound in Jamacia, after all this is an island, but Hellshire is not your typical beach. Notorious for its food more than its waters, the "festival', a must have side order with your seafood, originated there. Dining at Hellshire will never disappoint! Any style seafood, pulsating music and warm friendly people. Make this a priority on your Jamaica "to do list".

4. The University of the West Indies at Mona: Established in 1948, the UWI is the premiere educational institution in the region, having three locations throughout the Caribbean. Known for producing several Prime Ministers, leading researchers and doctors and Nobel Peace Prize winners, the UWI at Mona is housed on what was once a plantation. More than just a school it is a melting pot of cultures. Students and non-students alike will benefit from a visit. Walk with a camera and snap bits and pieces of history dating back to the 1700's on the property.

5. Boone Hall Oasis: Nestled high above the city of Kingston in Stony Hill, Boone Hall Oasis is a nature lover's paradise. Birds, flowers, trees, the Wag Water River and cool cool Caribbean breeze await you. I would recommend you on a Sunday and reap the benefit of having their amazing Sunday brunch with all the traditional Jamaican meals; think roast breadfruit, ackee and saltfish, calaloo, boil banana, and list goes on, hope your tummy is up for the challenge. Don't worry, if sleep beckons after the meal there are plenty of places to kick back and relax.

{Must Eats}

1. Scotchies: Jerk everything! Because I can't live without my jerk pork, it's good to know that if I travel to Montego Bay or Ocho Rios, there's a Scotchies location that I can make a well needed pit stop.

2. Aunt Merl @ Hellshire Beach: Now what I purposely did not mention above when talking about Hellshire is the fact that the beach is lined with fish stalls for dining because for me the only stall worth dining at is the great "Aunt Merl" (featured on Andrew Zimmerman's Bizarre Foods). Now of course Merl isn't my aunt, but she may as well be because of the frequency with which I dine there. Trust me, after you taste her fish any style, accompanied by bammy and festival, she will certainly become the aunt you never had too. By the way for lobster any style, ask her for her brother, damn my mouth is watering just thinking about it...Hellshire anyone?!?!?!

3. Starapples: This restaurant is located in the quaintest little house in the heart of Liguanea. Its ambiance makes the Jamaican cuisine that much more enjoyable! I recommend you start off with the saltfish fritters paired with pepper jelly and for dessert the bread pudding is a must with rum glaze.

4. The Terrace @ Devon House: Top tier dining....think juicy steak

5. Sonia's Homestyle Restaurant: Authentic Jamaican cuisine, think oxtail and beans, curry goat, stew peas, fried chicken , Sunday brunch...yummmm I must stop here.


1. A street dance: Every day of the week has one - Mojito Mondays, Weddy Weddy Wednesdays, Swagga Thursdays, Hamma Fridays ----->

2.Fiction Nightclub and Lounge
3. The Pub @ Devon House

4.Club Privilege

5.Lucky 38: Walk with singles if you catch my drift

{Sip on these}

1. J Wray & Nephew White Overproof: To know me, is to know that this is my tea, my medicine, my happy juice best had with June Plum juice or Ting, I'm just sayin.

2. Coconut water: We discovered it 1st, it may be making an impact now in the States, but we've been sipping on the goodness all along, you're welcome.

3. Appleton: Appelton Estate Rums are notorious in Jamaica and across the world, with a line of blends that include the ever popular Appleton Special and Appleton VX, this brand of rum is a connoisseurs dream. But don't just pick up a bottle in the supermarket or have a taste at a bar, I encourage you to visit the Appleton Estate and take its tour, partake in tastings, and then you can make an informed decision and purchase the spirit which most pleases your palette.

4. Tru-JuiceCran-Apple, Sorrel, June Plum, Soursop and plenty more

5. Red Stripe: The great Jamaican beer...need I say more?!? The world has surely recognized this...
{Shop Here}

The Kingston Native recommends only two areas. In the words of Bogle, a famous Jamaican dancer from the dancehall who is now deceased, "Fashion ova style". Continue reading:

1. Downtown: Let me use my mother tongue of Patois here, "anything yuh waah yuh can get dung dere". Whether in a store or on the roadside, you will find clothes, shoes, jewelry, hair weave, sunglasses, household items, fruits and vegetables, books, etc. etc. lining shelves or strewn on tarpaulin or a cardboard box. You will be thoroughly entertained here and be reminded all prices are up for negotiation. I recommend that  you walk with a Jamaican friend and leave ALL prized possessions at home; your hands need to be free to walk with 'the goods' you purchase.

2. Uptown: Typically speaking, anywhere above Cross Roads is considered 'Uptown'. The difference between uptown and downtown lie primarily in price, the presence of snootiness in some stores and to some extent a fashion sense that's a bit more 'tame'. But don't get me wrong, Uptown shopping is a must, with some boutiques offering champagne even and prices quoted in U.S dollars. Constant Spring Road, Half -Way-Tree, Manor Park and Liguanea are the go too areas uptown for shopping.

{Road Trip}

1. Maiden Cay: This little sand bar located off the coast of Port Royal is a popular Sunday hang out for Kingston's finest. Get there via a private yacht or catch a ride on a canoe, either way, all you will really need is sun tan lotion, sunglasses and a towel.

2. Portland: Just go to Portland, perhaps the quietest parish in Jamaica, Portland abounds in greenery, villas and beaches and did I mention it's home to the famous Boston Jerk. Trust me when I say it's paradise!

3. St. Elizabeth: Located on the south coast of Jamaica, St. Elizabeth is home to a lot! YS Falls, The Appleton Estate Tour, Middle Quarters for shrimp, Holland Bamboo, Treasure Beach, Jakes, Lovers Leap...whew, I am exhausted listing all these places. With so much to choose from 1 day may not be enough.

4. Negril: A popular tourist destination, Negril is world renowned for a) its fabulous 7 mile stretch of white sand beaches b) Ricks Cafe and c) the perfect sunset, can't you just close your eyes and imagine it right now?! Breathtaking!!

5. Papine and beyond: Considered a gateway to spots such as the Gap Cafe, Holywell Recreational Park, Strawberry Hills and the great Blue Mountains. The higher up you go the cooler it becomes. Whether novice or professional, definitely take your camera, it's a photographer's dream ;-)

Once you go, you know


Sunday, January 1, 2012

TOP 3s OF 2011


After reading Evita's Cyberspace Ritual.... I just had to borrow it!! Here goes:


Top Places:

1. London

2. Trinidad

3.  Jamaica

Top People ( I can't do 3 I would be skinned and fed to dogs...revising to top 10): 

1. Bethany

2. Natalie

3. Ramona

4. Neisha

5. Kirstin

6. Ciscely

7. Terrell

8. Tashina

9. Kimmy

10. Kitanya

Honorable Mentions : Naj, Amanda, Jodi, Wes, Sammi, Kai !!!!!

Top Events:

1. Trinidad Carnival

2. NATmas 2011

3. Annual birthday debauchery

Top 3 Hardest Moments:

1. Moving home for 1 year to reset...(exits stage left to new digs 1-13-12)

2. Sibling strife

3. Typical boy blah blah blah (READ: "We have a good thing, but is that a good thing" - jcole)

Top 3 Epic Fails:

1. Hurricane Irene killing my Labor Day plans

2. Highway shrapnel attacking my car 2 months after purchase

3. All diets

Top 3 Words/Phrases (my friend Kimmy is really the QUEEN of Idioms)

1." Been there, done that, got the tshirt"

2."F%&k outtta here"

3. "You're doing the MOST"

Top 3 Successes:

1. TheGlamtrak

2. A Toast to Art

3. Paid off 84% of my debt


Top 3 Trips for 2012

1. Spain

2. Argentina

3. Wherever Ramona's law school study abroad takes her...I'm running in ;-)

Top 3 Plans for 2012:

1. Super cliche, buttttt WEIGHT LOSS ( like for real for real this time lol)

2. Lower my financial overhead so that I can slowly step away from the 9-5 world and truly enjoy "freedom of choice"

3. "The same thing we do every night Pinky- try to take over the world"

Leave a comment with some of your top plans!