Thursday, December 22, 2011


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2. Bits & Bobs: Ok these two items aren't the sexiest, but they will come through in a pinch:

a) Luggage scale - I really don't want you to be that guy or girl at the check in counter desperately trying to repack your bag. You've seen it... clothes flying, lots of sweat and over stuffing that teeny tiny carry on...all in the name of not paying the overweight fee. Do yourself a favor and weigh before you leave home ;-)

b) Adapter kit: It took me too long and too many blown up flat irons to learn having the right adapter is as important as having your passport. If you don't want to look like a poodle or kill your beloved iPhone make sure you always have one of these guys on hand when travelling internationally.

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GhillyB said...

You don't even want to know how many of those power converters I have. It's a little sad but it totally saves me money on buying new appliances. You just have to check your wattage, make sure the tool isn't more than 2000 Watts!