Sunday, December 4, 2011


Ok so let's just act like I didn't take a raging hiatus from TheGlamtrak. *sigggghhhh* It's been crazy at my "grown up" job, so it should come as now surprise that I've been itching (like a flea infested dog) for a getaway. Obvi with the holidays around the corner and my new attempt at being a fiscally responsible adult, hopping on a plane to somewhere far was out of the question. So what does a girl do when an early on set of S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder) sets in....said girl takes a STAYCATION!!!! Oh and I'm not talking about the "I'm going to stay in my house, order Chinese and catch up on my DVR" type of a staycation because that would just be a snorefest. I mean the "tourist in my town" type of staycation. In planning my staycation, budget was key so I took advantage of the groupons/living social/Scoutmobs of the world and it soooo paid off! 

Groupon seems to ALWAYS have spa deals, so I was super stoked to kick start my weekend with a deep tissue massage at Spa Sydell! ($29 on Groupon) Post massage, I checked into The Georgian Terrace ($120 on regularly $200+ woop!). For you non ATLiens, The Georgian Terrace is an Atlanta landmark in the Fox Theater Historic District. This hotel is in my favorite part of Midtown, and it's just gawwwwjuuusss dahlin...the perfect backdrop for my weekend. As for the gastronomics...that was the easy part...Scoutmob! The beauty in Scotmob is you can try out a few new restaurants without committing to the full price...most spots are at least 50% off, with a few offering apps/sides for FREE! My weekend was awesome, I caught up on some well needed sleep, did a little museum hopping, spent time with some of my favorite people and indulged in lots of yummy food. Below I've listed some tips for you to plan your perfect staycation:
  • Put on your thinking cap: think about your trip as if you were planning it for an out of towner...where would you tell them they haddddd to go or haddddd to eat? Take your own advice :-)
  • Sign up for the local deals: without getting into SPAM hell, I suggest signing up/downloading Groupon/Living Social/Scoutmob...
  • Check out local attractions: how many of us (post school field trips) still take in our city's touristy spots...more than likely there's a resident don't forget to ask.
  • Take your camera: Just because you didn't cross a border doesn't mean you won't capture some sweet memories...

Hope that helped ;-) Feel free to email me kay@theglamtrak or tweet me at @theglamtrak for any staycation or general travel questions!

P.S- Stay tuned this month for some great giveaways I have planned!!!!

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