Saturday, December 17, 2011


Today's gift is perfect for the international flyer! You know how the airlines urge you to arrive 3 hours before your flight!? So after you check in... you either sleep, spend too much 'trip money' on overpriced drinks or worst ...wage in a care bear stare off with the Dbag that is charging his computer, phone, iPod and his electric shaver on the ONE charging station. If you or your frequent flyer has experienced this please read on....
Source: MSNBC
7. Airline lounge access: The sweet price to permanently escape the insanity of the terminal can be steep. An annual membership is about $450 on average. Don't run don't have to get the annual membership can pay per visit!!!! Por ejemplo, a one time visit to United/Continental's club is only $39....totally worth the UNLIMITED adult beverages, snacks and WiFi you'll put away in that 3 hour wait. If you do want to spring for the annual membership, Delta offers a payment plan of 40 bucks a month....not too bad. I mean that's just giving up one happy hour a month!

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