Monday, December 12, 2011


So the big holiday is upon us and if you're anything like me you're probably still scrambling to get gifts! Over the next 12 days, I'll be giving you some gift ideas for the traveler in your life (or for you...I mean duhhhh you're on Santa's good list too,right?!?!). The BEST part is...I'm giving away THREE (3) of the items  *in my Oprah's Favorite Things voice*!!!! How do you qualify, you ask!??!
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I'll randomly select 3 winners at the end of the holiday season and send your gift shortly after *this giveaway is inclusive to international followers woooohooo*

12. eReader/iPad : This has got to be the BEST thing I've ever purchased for myself!!! I got my iPad as an early birthday gift this Summer and I'm still loving her like the day she was delivered. I swear, I barely remember life pre-iPad. Countless hours of iBooks, Skyping, blogging, Tweeting, random research...she's just the best travel companion weighing in at 1.3lbs. You're probably thinking "WTH Kay an iPad is wayyyyy out of my Christmas budget" I completely understand...I mean 'tis the season for giving NOT'tis the season for begging, stealing, or selling platelets to purchase an iPad. A great alternative is the Kindle, with options between $79 and $199, you're bound to find something perfect in the Kindle family. Point is, I minimally expect you to start a savings for one of these bad's a travel must in 2012 ;-)

Don't forget to sign up or leave a comment...let me just go ahead and put it out there none of my giveaways include a Kindle, Nook or iPad....sorry maybe next year once the advertising dollars start rolling in ;-)


GhillyB said...

I totally agree Kay, I got a Kindle as my going away present last year and it rarely leaves my side. It has filled up many a bored moment waiting in airports as well as fun times when I needed to put down the school books and just read for leisure :).

Kimberley said...

Can't wait till I can finally hold my very own Ipad. Sigh! Great post! Can't wait to see the other days!

Anonymous said...

Love my Ipad. The best gift ever.!!