Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Say it ain't so... not Heavy D ;-(  I'm sure we all can bond over our favorite Heavy D songs, although I'm still trying to figure out how at 4 I knew all the words to "The Overweight Lover's in the House", but Heavy holds an extra special place in my memory...

I was 8 years old the day I met Heavy D. My family and I were waiting in the departure lounge for our flight when I spotted him...super excited I asked my Mom to confirm the sighting. Now in retrospect, I'm sure I was shrieking and freaking out so should I have really been surprised when Heavy called me over ?!. He asked me if I wanted an autograph and like a girl that wasn't reading on a 6th grade level (thanks IOWA testing) I handed him my Etch a Sketch. He sweetly suggested that we find something that would last more than 20 seconds. Oh, but it got better...guess who happened to be on the same flight as yours truly...yuuuupppp. After settling in and right before take off...Heavy sent the flight attendant to ask if I wanted to join him in FIRST CLASS!!!! Besides being a bit shy (ye right), I knew that a first class ride with Heavy D was a bit out of my  league...what the hell would we talk about?! I declined and not even 10 minutes later, I saw the runner up girl take 'my' seat next to him...she was a thirsty 20 something year old groupie (more appropriate I guess). What seemed like FOREVER to land (and for me to hang with my new peeps Mr.D), we finally deplane and when I thought the best had happened...Heavy D playfully tells my Dad that I'm the prettiest little girl and that I was flirting with him the whole afternoon. *swoon* I've held that memory near and dear for 20 years...it truly takes a great man to make a little girl feel sooooo important.

Thank you Heavy D for your contributions to Hip Hop...you will be missed.

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