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I'm sooo excited to introduce this new feature called "The Native" to TheGlamtrak!!! This series will give you the need to know on some of the hottest cities. The source you ask?! None other than some of my closest friends who I consider experts in everything from food to fashion to travel!

First up for the inaugural post is New York native(and one of my fave gal pals), Nadjawa McCoy (@Nadjawa). I met Naj, while living in the Concrete Jungle and let me just know her is to LOVE her!!! Without further ado, dive in for Naj's NY picks...


The Cloisters (Metropolitan Museum of Art):
(Washington Heights)
I can't say enough about this architectural dynamo. The Cloisters museum and gardens is a branch of The Metropolitan Museum of Art devoted to the art and architecture of medieval Europe. It was even assembled from architectural elements that date back to the 12th century.
Tip! Plan a day trip - this behemoth of a museum is a way uptown in Fort Tryon Park.

The Brooklyn Museum:
A digestible and well - curated exhibit always fills the meandering halls of this hipster magnet, and it boasts one of the best collections of Egyptian art.
Photo Op! On a hot night, take a run through the fountains that adorn the front entrance.

Strawberry Fields:
(Central Park)
The teardrop shaped area of Central Park is a tribute to the late John Lennon and is a peaceful retreat from the bustle.
Photo Op! From the right angle, the Imagine Mosaic makes a great backdrop in the garden of peace.

FAO Shwartz:
Step foot in this dreamland and you're instantly taken back to your childhood. Actually- a far better childhood than you could imagine. Sure it's a tourist trap, but there's a reason so many people find this place amazing.
Tip! Avoid weekends and the holiday season when the store tends to be a zoo.

Vegetarians beware, this list is for meat lovers and their carnivorous compadres.

I'm a sucker for any eatery with pig silhouette signage, particularly if they prep my plate with bacon broth. Bonus points for the friendly waitstaff and equally yummy brunch menu.
Top pork picks: Strawberry-cinnamon glazed baby back pork ribs, Bacon doughnuts

Qi Asian Eatery:
Intricate decor, inspired drink menu and amazing food. Great for an intimate dinner that won't break the bank. If you find yourself on an empty tank around lunch time, they have unbeatable specials.
Choices for your chop sticks: Rolling noodles, shrimp and chicken dumplings

Mexicue: http://mexicue/com/index.html
(Lower East Side, Midtown)
Who says you can't have the best of both worlds? Mexican/BBQ fusion makes for savory spicy deliciousness.
Feeling froggy tip: Check out the web site for their current food truck location or submit  a recipe to their recipe contest using the seasonal ingredient.

Essex Restaurant:
(Lower East Side)
New York is known for its brunch scene and Essex has got it down. Natural sunlight drenches the loft-style space and if that doesn't lift your spirits, the mimosas will. The waitstaff is always sure to keep your glass full even if you just inhaled your third included cocktail.
Tips to not looking like a Tourist: This place can be sceney, so make sure you have a reservation. Speak quickly, the bartenders and hostesses tend to be snappy. Avoid holiday weekends when the prix fixe prices skyrocket.


The Griffin
(Meatpacking District)
Chic and upscale, don't dare approach the door without the appropriate attire (tiny designer dress) or accessory (hot girl wearing tiny designer dress). Inside prepare for an eye full of delight:19th century decor and some of NY's sexiest singles.
"I'm with them" Tip: The piano room in the back is super tough to gain entry to without VIP status, but it's worth a shot, the room is in a word - incredible.

Brooklyn Bowl
Sometimes you want to just dance. If you're in no mood to sweet talk bouncers, or empty your wallet purchasing watery drinks, try Brooklyn Bowl for an awesome beer selection and great music for cheap entry.
Tip! : The Bowl Train every Thursday is a night hosted by DJ Questlove of the Roots and is a guaranteed good time.

The place to be seen at 5am donning smeared mascara and resting your tootsies after a night of dancing. Only in New York is there a velvet rope for a restaurant with attractive people wall to wall. This place has awesome cosmopolitans and some of the best mac and cheese around.
Tip! : Cafeteria is 24/7, so for good food without the line try a week day evening.

Bar 89:
If you're looking for a nice place to go grab a drink with ambiance, try this attractive yet intimate establishment.
Tip! : This is going to sound crazy, but you have to see the bathroom.


Cheap Jacks Vintage Shop
Where do wardrobe specialists snag amazing finds? The largest vintage shop on the East Coast. Looking for a vintage Fendi bag for under $300? Cheap Jack's is the place for you.
Tip! : Don't be fooled by the amateur website. Cheap Jacks is the real deal.

Brooklyn Flea
A favorite of the Native New Yorker, the Flea features hundreds of top vendors of antiques and furniture, vintage clothing, collectibles, as well as jewelry, arts, and crafts by local artisans and designers, plus delicious fresh food and beer.
Tip! : Get the lobster roll, a steal at $12 - for 100% real lobster.

The Streets of SoHo
This isn't your grandmother's alleyway Gucci bag deal. Besides being an architectural beauty, SoHo has some of the best street finds in the city. The vendors aren't offering gold watches from suitcases- they're selling handmade jewelry, artwork all incredibly unique and on trend. Where else will you find a street vendor prominently displaying their placements from magazines like SELF and Lucky?
Tip! : SoHo is made for wandering. Take in the sights while you shop.

Be sure to leave a comment if you're just dying to add to the list!

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