Monday, October 24, 2011

When you least expect it...

I'm sure we've all at one point or another fantasized about boarding a flight and scoring a seat next to the gorge guy or girl you saw in the departure lounge. You know the one...the one with the nice luggage and the cool jetsetter vibe. Instead you board, only to be stuck next to the screaming child, the Chatty Cathy (wait, that's ME?!?!), the fluffy flyer that really needed two seats, or the person that boards super late and hits you in the face whilst trying to stuff their OVERSIZED luggage overhead..grrrr.

Well some peeps have all the luck! I know a girl that met her now husband 30,000 feet above ground, but nothing beats this special proposal from Arvin Shandiz. Arvin met girlfriend Alexandra on board a 2010 Delta flight from Chicago to New York and a year later chose that same leg to pop the question *swoon*.

Moral of this story: think twice before you decide to dress "comfy" for your next flight ;-)


GhillyB said...

LOL... Funny Kay, I'm about to make this 28 hour flight home and all I've been thinking about is what do I have in my closet that is most comfortable. I figure he's gonna have to learn to love me in sweats and no makeup so may as well deal with reality up front.

TheGlamtrak said...

*shudders* 28 hour flight you can wear whatever you want dah'lin!!!

Ramona said...

huh? last person on plane??? oversized luggage? and by that you mean a stuffed backpack, and 40lb pullman, plus a box with rum, and plastic bag with frozen patties and maybe a t-shirt, and a paper bag with food to eat right now? ("Ma' have 5 pieces........")
(This is after the "Paging R. Condell...." which is regular ting)

And of course, comfortably dressed...Adidas flip flops and socks and college sweatshirt anyone?

Clearly I'll never meet him on a flight from Kingston.

I'll make sure I'm on point on other flights. ;-)

Tip of My Tongue Ja. said...

I have NO statistics but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say meeting Knight in shining armour or Cinderella is the exception rather than the rule on flights. I'll stick to my ipod and a good book, and wait until they add photos to the little seat selection option thing they have when buying your ticket.I'll kill up myself then to get the right seat, even if it means dare I say, giving up my "I ONLY fly aisle seats" *trembles*