Monday, October 17, 2011


I still can't believe that I juusssssttt took my first trip to the Windy City (the nickname that I soon learned has nothing to do with cross winds). I went to Chicago this past Friday for a work event on Saturday...grant it I had to work a 6 day week, but I figured "hey, this is mutually I'm all over it". Hmmm, wonder if I would have been so geeked to go if the destination was Nebraska...blegh...doubt it.
I had a partner in crime, as one of my favorite co-workers was in tow. What she probably wasn't expecting was for me to drag around the city like we were on a landmark treasure hunt. We checked into the swanky Hilton on Michigan Ave. around 4p, only to have enough time to drop our bags and hit the road. Before meeting up with another co-worker and my girl Vee, we managed to hit Grant Park, Johnson's Publishing (Jet, Ebony...), the Bean and the 26 foot tall Marilyn Monroe sculpture. Once we linked with the girls we did some more running around town to include Garretts, the famous gourmet popcorn (sorry I'm not down with the popcorn phenomenon) and then off to a yummy boozy dinner.

I'm sure shots will be fired when I make this comment, but I gotta say it  *deep breathhhhhh*... IThinkChicagoIsPrettierThanNYC....whew. Being from the Concrete Jungle, I feel very confident in my observation...I mean, they have a raging river running through the city. Chicago is sooooo clean...hell, I didn't see or have to jump over any cats rats...success, right?! Ok, I really need some feedback here...if you feel different or even agree please leave a comment.

*****I can't end without giving a shout out to the town of real reason for going to Illinois. Only 8 miles south of Wisconsin...this town situated on Lake Michigan was super charming and full of sweet residents. Doubt you'll find yourself up there, but if you do, get the caffe macchiato at Joplin Java...just don't drink it before you jump on a 90 minute flight...not a good look ;-) *****

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LuvDaVee said...

HAHAHHA I made the post. Tooooo funny. I must agree with you. I lived in NYC and yeah its cool and all but I think Chicago is better. The trains are wayyyyyyyyyy cleaner, the people nicer and Chi-city (in my Kanye voice) has 100's of BYOB restaurants!!! Take that NYC!!!