Sunday, August 21, 2011


I just ran across the cutest article on CNN- "World's sexiest accents" and because I didn't agree with most of the picks I decided to make my own list...

CNN's List
12. Argentine
11. Thai
10. Trinidadian
9. Brazilian Portuguese
8. U.S Southern
7. Oxford British
6. Irish
5. Nigerian
4. Czech
3. Spanish
2. French
1. Italian

Kay's List
10. U.S - New York - yea, yea I'm sure you're judging. I dunno maybe it's because I hail from the Concrete Jungle, but there is just something about that Yankee accent...#fuggedaboutit

9. Australian- please tell me I'm not the only that grew up watching the Aussie soap - Neighbours...if you're not familiar please find your way to YouTube

8. South African - Charlize Theron not Winnie Mandela

7. Brazilian Portuguese- sexy people = sexy accent

6. U.S Southern- gotta love the whole cast of Steel Magnolias..."Ohhh Ouiser"

5. Argentine - it's like the perfect marriage of Italian and Spanish

4. Jamaican- just spend a weekend with my friends and family *cues Ramona and Neisha*

3. French - blame it on Pepe Le Pew...he was sooo romantic *swoon*

2. Italian - I mean isn't this the language of love...need I say  more?

1. British- Hellloooo the Brits speak the Queen's English, and hell...technically we as English speakers have to credit the motherland...although, we've remixed the language and turned the words queue into line, petrol to gas and knickers to panties ;-)

I would LOVE for you to weigh please bless the comment section with your faves ;-)


Kristina M. Smith said...

I totally agree with South African, Australian, Jamaican and British! I have a bias for the Jamaican accent but I think the other three are to die for! Good thing my husband has a Jamaican accent. If not he could lose me to a South African, Australian or British man!!!

CNN has it so wrong by only including British. They obviously don't know any better! I'm sorry but the Southern accent doesn't do anything for me! I will reserve my TRUE feelings about it :O. I'll give them the Irish accent but only because it is so close to the Jamaican accent. Hehe.

Doneisha said...

First of all DWL @ Charlize NOT Winnie!!! OK now I will acknowledge my mother tongue and my "shout out" and declare I'm gonna be biased!I've been accused of "patwangin" but come on the Jamaican accent is the accent of all accents, often imitated by most every nationality in the world, always horribly (ala Taye Diggs in How Stella Got her Groove Back)

Honourable mentions do go to the French (curse me out in French, it will still sound hot), Aussies (G'day mate, crikies... miss you Steve Irwin), Italians (Ciao bella) and US Southerners (I love how they sound like they're constantly rapping with manners when they toss in a "ma'am")

Shell said...

New York! I love that you put it on the list even though it's #10.