Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Source: MSNBC Media
Not sure if you've heard of Tom Stuker, but this man is my new inspiration! Tom just flew his 10 millionth mile on United Airlines...he joined United's Mileage Plus program in 1982 and has since traveled to Australia 200 times, made 30 trips to Asia and has seen every state. What I love most about this story is that Tom had a raging fear of flying. Oh, and guess what his pre-flight/pre-jitters drink of choice was---->Bacardi 151 and diet coke *a man after my own heart*. When asked about tips on getting over the fear he recommends you keep yourself occupied - distracting yourself with conversation (that would be me) or if you're flying solo, make use of an iPad or Kindle.Tom is also a huge advocate of mileage deals (obvi)...look out for anything that gives you miles: hotels, car rentals and credit cards (hell, if you're spending anyway, might as well rack up some miles). Perks of being the first to hit 10 million miles on United include:

- Titanium Mileage card
-Access and premium treatment at United and Star Alliance lounges
- Service that includes holding planes for him if he's running late
-A special phone number for United  flight booking and customer service
-A party at O'Hare International with news media and United senior management
-Boeing 747 named in his honor

Clearly I need to step my game up if I ever want to see TheGlamtrak on the side of a Boeing ;-)


GhillyB said...

That's allot of miles and I don't know if you wanna make that Australia flight more than twice, that alone might take at least 2 bottles of Bacardi but HAPPY FLYING!

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