Sunday, June 26, 2011

Travel like a Jetson !!

Kicking off the biennial Paris Air Show, Airbus (aircraft manufacturing company that produces about half of the world's jet airliners) revealed their 2050 airplane concept. One word-----> DOPE. I'll let the pictures and video do most of the work, but I must call out these quick facts:

  • Hand luggage is taken at the entrance of the air craft and scanned via hand sensor, and is moved automatically to one's seat. So no more hitting peeps upside the head when trying to stuff your OVER SIZED carry on into the overhead bin
  • The Smart Tech Zone is for those that want to read their little ones back home a bedtime story or even host a virtual meeting
  • The Vitalizing Zone is perfect for those looking for rest and relaxation. The seats adapt to the passenger's body and provides a massage (not the awful kind you get in the nail salon, where you feel like the chair is beating the crap out of you)
  • The Interactive Zone is where you'll find me....there will be virtual shopping to include a projection of clothes onto the shopper and virtual anyone?!
  • Saving the best detail for last, the plane has an option to "open" up to a full view of the sky and surroundings
2050 countdown starts NOW!!!!

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