Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer, Summer, Summertime

Summer is underway as far as I'm concerned ( the season officially starts 6/21) so per usual I'm putting  another list together. This one is all about my Summer travels. I definitely recommend to get this planning stuff going MUCH earlier, but I've been quite preoccupied and thanks to some other VERY MAJOR personal projects I'm working on, this Summer's travel destinations are pretty low key versus my usual.

This month I'm taking a quick weekend trip to NY! There is something about a NY Summer- Yankee games, street fairs and Mr. Softy of course . So naturally I have to run in for some light shopping, hanging with fam and friends and of course you can't visit NY without a lot of eating and boozing. I'm praying to 8.25lb baby jesus that with some act of a miracle I have time to go to City Island. For those of you that aren't familiar, City Island is a teeny tiny island about 2 miles long lined with AMAZING seafood restaurants. YUMMO! Needless to say I'm already anxious about this flight, but I can't wait to touch down in the Concrete Jungle.

To me July is the BEST month of the's like the climax of Summer and helloooo I was born in July...nuff said! This July, I'll start off with a family reunion in Tampa, Florida over the 4th of July extended weekend. I must admit, I', less than thrilled about going to Tampa, but hey I've never been and when you're surrounded by family and food it can't be anything but a good time, right?!?! Fingers crossed. The following weekend I'll be in J-A-M-A-I-C-A!!! I'm going for my Aunt's wedding , but of course I had to give this trip a dual purpose! I mean it's like the only way to justify the ticket price for going to Jamaica for 4 days. So in co hoots with my cousin, we've planned my pre-bday beach shin dig in Ocho Rios! I'm stoked and super excited about shopping for this trip. After Jamaica, the next weekend puts us at my bday weekend. Usually I'm super pumped for my bday and by this point I've sent out evites 3 months in advance etc. This year, I have no clue what my plans are...I might put together a cutesy staycation to include a sleepover at the W and a spa day or maybe it's a quick road trip to Savannah hmmm or what about chucking it all on a dream bag!?!?! Suggestions accepted ;-)

To round out Summer I'll take another NY trip in August to do some back-to-school shopping...I know I've been out of school for many years, but back-to-school shopping is a standing event,right?!!? Why wouldn't I take advantage of those deals *smile*. Late August, my bestie and I will be hopping across the big pond to London! Words cant describe my a former life I was English...I just know it! Well actually I like to think I was Japanese so maybe I was a Japanese expat living in England !?!? I digress, my point is I love everything about London...the culture, the accents, the fashion and although I know MANY will argue that the food sucks...who cares...I can live off fish and chips for a few days if it means I get to shop on Oxford Street *swoon* To top it off I have tons of family in the London area that I'll visit...FUN TIMES to come!! The London trip will take me straight thru Labor Day weekend, which is definitely the close of my favorite season :( Your turn. I would LOVE to hear what's on the radar for you perfect tell please :-)


Live HEART Fashion said...

I think you should treat yourself to a spa for your birthday...with all that flying you're going to need a nice massage. My next trip is to Greece and Turkey in September...I can't wait!!!

TheGlamtrak said...

Thanks Doll! Greece and Turkey yummo sounds like a guest blog for TheGlamtrak!