Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Yours truly has compiled a list of Summer essentials that I had to share with you all. In my head, all of these items live in a bag in the corner of my room, ready for any last minute trip to Miami or  even Argentina. Pens out goes (in no particular order):

1) Aviators or what I affectionately call Aves pronounced - aaavvvveeeesss that's long a, long v, long e. Don't leave home without them...they're perfect for every face shape. I love my Ray-Bans, which retail for $129, but you definitely can find a cute pair for around $20.
Shoshanna Maxi

2) Maxi dress - Talk about easy...dress them up with heels or rock it with flats...either way, every girl needs their go to Maxi dress

3) The Classic White Shirt - it's completely up to you what your "classic white shirt" will be whether you're a wife beater and jeans or a white button down with Sperrys kinda gal, you MUST have this staple in your closet. My 2nd parents, Aunt Donna and Uncle Sam, have been sporting this look since the 80s. They'll assure you this is a timeless piece for the Summer wardrobe and beyond ;-)

4) Activewear - In my dreams,  I like to think of myself as the girl that works out on know the one...jogging down the beach whilst you slurp down Mojito #2 and roll over to get that perfect tan. So this Summer essential is a nod to HER. Lululemon is definitely the creme de la creme of activewear, but if you're on a budget you can pick up some uber cute pieces at Target. Please, I beg you ladies, make sure you invest in a good sports bra. I don't want to roll over on said beach to a view of  your tatas flopping around.

5) Moisturizer with SPF - Thank GOD for good genes! My skin is pretty low maintenance *knocks on wood*, which allows for a pretty simple regimen. The one thing I swear by is Neutrogena Moisturizer with SPF 30. Some of you girls get that SPF through your foundation etc. Whichever works, just make sure you're protecting that pretty face. In the event that you do get a little sunburn, aloe is the BEST remedy. Take it from me...I've had my fair share of sunburn (SPF4 in Punta Cana...don't judge me).
6) Sandals - After what seemed like a million months of your toes locked up in boots, it's finally time to celebrate with a pedi and cute sandals. For most of us we've been in sandals for at least 2 months now, so this must have is for my peeps in T-Dot. I'm still loving flat embellished sandals in general, but I was recently gifted a pair of  Bridget Sandals. Bridgets are made in Jamaica and come in the dopest of styles...they're simple and sleek and always steal the show. I recommend you definitely check this line out ;-)
Bridget Sandals

7) Bronzer - When that sun kissed look starts to fade, the best way to bring it back is with a touch of bronzer. I personally like MAC bronzers, but I asked around and my friends say Chanel, NARS and Cover Girl have some great options...use sparingly, you don't want to look like an Oompa Loompa.

8) Perfume - I love a fresh scent for Summer. Obvi, you can spend a whole day at Sephora testing out perfumes ad nauseam. My only advice is here is to go friend Amanda swears by anything from Calypso St. Barth.

9) A good book - What is Summer without the Summer Reading List !?!? I'm currently reading The Help on my love love it.

10) Swimsuit - I absolutely cringe at the idea of donning a swimsuit this Summer, but I must remember there are sooo many cute styles out there. I'm currently swooning over some of the Rockabilly retro styles. Do your homework: find the fit then play with prints - tribal, floral hmmm nautical ? Don't forget to grab a complimenting cover up or kaftan, they're soo stylish these days...perfect for beach to bar!  

Did I miss anything!?!? I think I covered all bases...let me know what's in your bag!


Anonymous said...

oh em gee! i loooove that cute one piece! Ha...spf 4 in the DR, who would do such a thing? o_O

Anonymous said...

Also, I just learned this today...

SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is not, as most people think, more layers of protection. The SPF is the amount of UV radiation required to cause sunburn on skin with the sunscreen on, relative to the amount required without the sunscreen.[9] There is a popular m Keep in mind that factors such as sweat, water, skin type, etc., will shorten these times.

The FDA has just mandated that all companies must remove labels that say "sweat-proof" and "waterproof" because they are false claims. Also, they are considering putting caps on the SPFs, as there is no proof that there is any added protection in creams that are over SPF 50.

*hops off of soapbox*

TheGlamtrak said...

Thanks Kirstin! Good info and yessss that one piece is giving me life !!

Ramona said...

funny....opened a new NARS bronzer this morning! and loving it...

Live HEART Fashion said...

I swear by MAC bronzers, but recently bought a Milani bronzer which is really good.

I also really love that tribal cover up!

Doneisha said...
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Doneisha said...

Bridgets, check
Classic white shirt, (my parents' made it a year round staple)CHECK
Maxi, check
Summer read, check

Your list is on point Kay and clearly my bag is a few items from being packed... "Oh, oh, here we go...summer time's here you know !"