Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day !!!

On this Feliz Dia del Padre I would like to give a shout out to my Father - Barry. You see, I get my love for travel and adventure from him. My Dad is truly the jetsetter of the family. As a lover of history, it should come as no surprise that he sets out to discover all the places he has read about. While I take several short trips per year, he opts for less trips with longer stays ensuring he leaves no stone unturned. Even as an adult, I still get excited when my Daddy, like a pirate, comes home from an expedition full of stories and bearing gifts for my sister and I. Annually, he takes each of us on a daddy/daughter trip. I'll argue that my sister gets the better trips ( I mean, he took her to Tokyo and remember, I was the Japanese in a former life), but he did introduce me to my favorite city - Buenos Aires. I can easily toss in all the other things that make him an awesome Dad - great provider, easy to talk to, patient, fair, smart, oh and I can't forget to mention that ALL my friends think he's swaggerific, but what I would like to thank him most for is giving me the opportunities to see the world, which has shaped me into a cultivate, open minded, culturally enriched woman.

Daddy, I salute you!

 * My blog would explode if I attempted to add pix of all his travels, but here are a few for your viewing pleasure ;-)
Daddy in Tokyo

Cape Point, South Africa
Rome, Italy

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Pirate Morgan waiting for the next flight...

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Doneisha said...

Awww, love it ! Salute to Uncle B and my own Daddy on Fathers Day...Content (pun intended ;))