Sunday, June 26, 2011

Travel like a Jetson !!

Kicking off the biennial Paris Air Show, Airbus (aircraft manufacturing company that produces about half of the world's jet airliners) revealed their 2050 airplane concept. One word-----> DOPE. I'll let the pictures and video do most of the work, but I must call out these quick facts:

  • Hand luggage is taken at the entrance of the air craft and scanned via hand sensor, and is moved automatically to one's seat. So no more hitting peeps upside the head when trying to stuff your OVER SIZED carry on into the overhead bin
  • The Smart Tech Zone is for those that want to read their little ones back home a bedtime story or even host a virtual meeting
  • The Vitalizing Zone is perfect for those looking for rest and relaxation. The seats adapt to the passenger's body and provides a massage (not the awful kind you get in the nail salon, where you feel like the chair is beating the crap out of you)
  • The Interactive Zone is where you'll find me....there will be virtual shopping to include a projection of clothes onto the shopper and virtual anyone?!
  • Saving the best detail for last, the plane has an option to "open" up to a full view of the sky and surroundings
2050 countdown starts NOW!!!!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In Neeeeewww Yoooorrrkkk...

New York...oh how I've missed YOU! I moved out of the Concrete Jungle 10 months ago and I have nooooo idea how I let sooo much time go by before I visited. Oh that's right - Winter. I needed the heat to be turned ALL the way up before I ventured back ;-) After weeks of countdowns and an evite that went out to all my NY peeps inviting them to a happy hour I finally landed around 1030a Friday morning. The plan was to hang out with my trusty "plus 1" - Wes. So I made my way up to Harlem, linked up with Wes and toured my old neighborhood. Nostalgia slapped the crap out of me, but I quickly recovered when my feet started hurting. Twenty five dollars on some lame Jamaican food, one nap and a train ride later, we're en route to Agave for happy hour. Words can't describe the feeling of seeing all my friends after sooo much time. Need I say how many pictures I took?!?! Well, after several margaritas and the obligatory shot I accidentally deleted ALL of the pictures. ALL THE PICTURES! Who does that!?!? I swear there is something about me and cameras...I'm either losing the cameras or deleting the pictures smh. I was staying at my friend Adrienne's place in Brooklyn and I'm sure she'll tell you...that was the LONGEST train ride ever. Filled with my moans about deleting my pix and my attempts of turning the camera on and off hoping there was some kind of glitch and that the pictures would suddenly appear. I went so far as to rant about Sony and how they shouldn't have the 'delete' and 'delete all' options so close together *sigh*

Saturday, first up, a quick trip to Century 21. After fighting the crowds of tourist (Century 21 = world's greatest discount retailer) we stopped for a slice of pizza. We weren't on a pizza mission, but the smell dragged us against our will and we had to submit. Yummo! The day went pretty fast from there...more drinking, an attempt to shop in busy Herald Square, an intense Words with Friends match/tea time at Starbucks until Wes met up with us for more pavement pounding. Before we knew it, it was 730p, which left 0 time to head back to Brooklyn to change to come back to Manhattan for my friend Amanda's fiance's 30th bday party. At this point it really sets in on me that I'm going to be wearing my lame shopping outfit to the Meatpacking District to celebrate a 30th bday...yikes! My friend Naj was meeting us at the bday party and I already knew she was stepping out in the finest (per usual) and here I am in a denim shirt, skinny jeans and my Aveeees of course. I figured "Oh well, hopefully they'll be too drunk to even notice". We get to the bday party spot - Brass Monkey just in time for lemon drop shots...swell, did I mention my equilibrium is still off from the festivities the night before. In short, Mike's 30th celebration was a blast. Lots of dancing, singing and overall good times. Oh, and I can't forget the professing of love something like "I miss you Amanda, I miss you too Kay", I love you Naj, I love you more Kay","Wes buy more drinks, we love you" you know how it goes. The clock strikes midnight and like Cinderella it's time to goooo mostly because I'm sleeping in Harlem, but I still have to go back to Brooklyn to get my bag. Now Brooklyn to Harlem is not CAR, but at 12,1,2,3AM on the weekend when the trains aren't running as often it's DAMN FAR. We get to BK 1ish, scoop my bags and hop on a train to Harlem and it only takes 90 minutes...

The next day, I had a midday flight to catch. I made my way to the airport laughing to myself like a crazy woman about the debaucherous weekend. My laughing quickly ended at 35,000 feet above ground...I mean the flight was the WORST! Like, I know every flight is the WORST for me, but this one was really really bad. Net Net, I had fun in NY and I promise to NEVER let so much time elapse again.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day !!!

On this Feliz Dia del Padre I would like to give a shout out to my Father - Barry. You see, I get my love for travel and adventure from him. My Dad is truly the jetsetter of the family. As a lover of history, it should come as no surprise that he sets out to discover all the places he has read about. While I take several short trips per year, he opts for less trips with longer stays ensuring he leaves no stone unturned. Even as an adult, I still get excited when my Daddy, like a pirate, comes home from an expedition full of stories and bearing gifts for my sister and I. Annually, he takes each of us on a daddy/daughter trip. I'll argue that my sister gets the better trips ( I mean, he took her to Tokyo and remember, I was the Japanese in a former life), but he did introduce me to my favorite city - Buenos Aires. I can easily toss in all the other things that make him an awesome Dad - great provider, easy to talk to, patient, fair, smart, oh and I can't forget to mention that ALL my friends think he's swaggerific, but what I would like to thank him most for is giving me the opportunities to see the world, which has shaped me into a cultivate, open minded, culturally enriched woman.

Daddy, I salute you!

 * My blog would explode if I attempted to add pix of all his travels, but here are a few for your viewing pleasure ;-)
Daddy in Tokyo

Cape Point, South Africa
Rome, Italy

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Pirate Morgan waiting for the next flight...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Yours truly has compiled a list of Summer essentials that I had to share with you all. In my head, all of these items live in a bag in the corner of my room, ready for any last minute trip to Miami or  even Argentina. Pens out goes (in no particular order):

1) Aviators or what I affectionately call Aves pronounced - aaavvvveeeesss that's long a, long v, long e. Don't leave home without them...they're perfect for every face shape. I love my Ray-Bans, which retail for $129, but you definitely can find a cute pair for around $20.
Shoshanna Maxi

2) Maxi dress - Talk about easy...dress them up with heels or rock it with flats...either way, every girl needs their go to Maxi dress

3) The Classic White Shirt - it's completely up to you what your "classic white shirt" will be whether you're a wife beater and jeans or a white button down with Sperrys kinda gal, you MUST have this staple in your closet. My 2nd parents, Aunt Donna and Uncle Sam, have been sporting this look since the 80s. They'll assure you this is a timeless piece for the Summer wardrobe and beyond ;-)

4) Activewear - In my dreams,  I like to think of myself as the girl that works out on know the one...jogging down the beach whilst you slurp down Mojito #2 and roll over to get that perfect tan. So this Summer essential is a nod to HER. Lululemon is definitely the creme de la creme of activewear, but if you're on a budget you can pick up some uber cute pieces at Target. Please, I beg you ladies, make sure you invest in a good sports bra. I don't want to roll over on said beach to a view of  your tatas flopping around.

5) Moisturizer with SPF - Thank GOD for good genes! My skin is pretty low maintenance *knocks on wood*, which allows for a pretty simple regimen. The one thing I swear by is Neutrogena Moisturizer with SPF 30. Some of you girls get that SPF through your foundation etc. Whichever works, just make sure you're protecting that pretty face. In the event that you do get a little sunburn, aloe is the BEST remedy. Take it from me...I've had my fair share of sunburn (SPF4 in Punta Cana...don't judge me).
6) Sandals - After what seemed like a million months of your toes locked up in boots, it's finally time to celebrate with a pedi and cute sandals. For most of us we've been in sandals for at least 2 months now, so this must have is for my peeps in T-Dot. I'm still loving flat embellished sandals in general, but I was recently gifted a pair of  Bridget Sandals. Bridgets are made in Jamaica and come in the dopest of styles...they're simple and sleek and always steal the show. I recommend you definitely check this line out ;-)
Bridget Sandals

7) Bronzer - When that sun kissed look starts to fade, the best way to bring it back is with a touch of bronzer. I personally like MAC bronzers, but I asked around and my friends say Chanel, NARS and Cover Girl have some great options...use sparingly, you don't want to look like an Oompa Loompa.

8) Perfume - I love a fresh scent for Summer. Obvi, you can spend a whole day at Sephora testing out perfumes ad nauseam. My only advice is here is to go friend Amanda swears by anything from Calypso St. Barth.

9) A good book - What is Summer without the Summer Reading List !?!? I'm currently reading The Help on my love love it.

10) Swimsuit - I absolutely cringe at the idea of donning a swimsuit this Summer, but I must remember there are sooo many cute styles out there. I'm currently swooning over some of the Rockabilly retro styles. Do your homework: find the fit then play with prints - tribal, floral hmmm nautical ? Don't forget to grab a complimenting cover up or kaftan, they're soo stylish these days...perfect for beach to bar!  

Did I miss anything!?!? I think I covered all bases...let me know what's in your bag!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer, Summer, Summertime

Summer is underway as far as I'm concerned ( the season officially starts 6/21) so per usual I'm putting  another list together. This one is all about my Summer travels. I definitely recommend to get this planning stuff going MUCH earlier, but I've been quite preoccupied and thanks to some other VERY MAJOR personal projects I'm working on, this Summer's travel destinations are pretty low key versus my usual.

This month I'm taking a quick weekend trip to NY! There is something about a NY Summer- Yankee games, street fairs and Mr. Softy of course . So naturally I have to run in for some light shopping, hanging with fam and friends and of course you can't visit NY without a lot of eating and boozing. I'm praying to 8.25lb baby jesus that with some act of a miracle I have time to go to City Island. For those of you that aren't familiar, City Island is a teeny tiny island about 2 miles long lined with AMAZING seafood restaurants. YUMMO! Needless to say I'm already anxious about this flight, but I can't wait to touch down in the Concrete Jungle.

To me July is the BEST month of the's like the climax of Summer and helloooo I was born in July...nuff said! This July, I'll start off with a family reunion in Tampa, Florida over the 4th of July extended weekend. I must admit, I', less than thrilled about going to Tampa, but hey I've never been and when you're surrounded by family and food it can't be anything but a good time, right?!?! Fingers crossed. The following weekend I'll be in J-A-M-A-I-C-A!!! I'm going for my Aunt's wedding , but of course I had to give this trip a dual purpose! I mean it's like the only way to justify the ticket price for going to Jamaica for 4 days. So in co hoots with my cousin, we've planned my pre-bday beach shin dig in Ocho Rios! I'm stoked and super excited about shopping for this trip. After Jamaica, the next weekend puts us at my bday weekend. Usually I'm super pumped for my bday and by this point I've sent out evites 3 months in advance etc. This year, I have no clue what my plans are...I might put together a cutesy staycation to include a sleepover at the W and a spa day or maybe it's a quick road trip to Savannah hmmm or what about chucking it all on a dream bag!?!?! Suggestions accepted ;-)

To round out Summer I'll take another NY trip in August to do some back-to-school shopping...I know I've been out of school for many years, but back-to-school shopping is a standing event,right?!!? Why wouldn't I take advantage of those deals *smile*. Late August, my bestie and I will be hopping across the big pond to London! Words cant describe my a former life I was English...I just know it! Well actually I like to think I was Japanese so maybe I was a Japanese expat living in England !?!? I digress, my point is I love everything about London...the culture, the accents, the fashion and although I know MANY will argue that the food sucks...who cares...I can live off fish and chips for a few days if it means I get to shop on Oxford Street *swoon* To top it off I have tons of family in the London area that I'll visit...FUN TIMES to come!! The London trip will take me straight thru Labor Day weekend, which is definitely the close of my favorite season :( Your turn. I would LOVE to hear what's on the radar for you perfect tell please :-)

Thursday, June 2, 2011


 I imagine when most people are accepting a job offer the first thing they want to know is the salary and if it's negotiable. For me that's a given, but equally important to salary is vacation benefits. By now you should know that travel is my passion and working is a means to traveling, right?! (besides the fact that I genuinely LOVE my job) So I get a pit in my stomach every time an HR person says "well 2 weeks are our standard, but we'll see what we can do". "See what we can do"?!?!?! Ummmm helllloooo what do you not understand about my NEED to escape more than 10 days a year (plus those days you get that sudden cough). *sigh*

I recently ran across this great CNN article "Why is America the no-vacation nation" ? It's definitely a question I've asked myself and I would even go so far to say it's one of the reasons I started TheGlamtrak. I thought people didn't travel because they thought it was too expensive, too confusing, or were just generally not inspired. WRONG (well kinda wrong)!!!! Per the article, Americans don't travel because we don't get the time to travel. In some countries SIX weeks of vacation is standard (out the gate) vs. the U.S where there is no obligation under federal law to offer ANY paid vacation. On top of that, there is research that shows even when Americans have vacation benefits they're scared to take it thinking they look less dedicated . I'm sure we all know that co-worker that takes vacation and sends emails all day as if they're in the office. Chiiiiillllleeeeee please! As the wheels go up on my flight, I'm sooo mentally checked out of work until the second before I swipe my office badge.

I can't help but feel a tad bit jealous every August when my friends in Italy are on their "my country shuts down for a month" holiday. I know that vacation reform is no where near the top of the important list from a government perspective, but I urge you all to take what little time off you do get and hop on a plane, hit the road or just have a fabulous staycation.