Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tales from TheGlamtrak: Natalie Lee, Dominican Republic

Fortunately for me, my inner circle consists of avid travelers like myself. I thought it would be a great idea to share their travels stories and expertise with you, my Glamtrakkies. So for the inaugural "Tales from TheGlamtrak" post, I present to you my cousin/bestie - Natalie Lee.

Purpose of visit? This was a trip I had to take! Not so much because I've always wanted to visit Dominican Republic, but more so because if I didn't get away, right away, I was going to lose my mind or implode due to all of the outside noise going on in my life.

What was the exchange rate...were things expensive? The exchange rate...Ok, so it's time for a confession. I am one of those travelers that "loves to get down with the people". If there is a local bar, club, restaurant around I want to be there! However, since this was my first time traveling to DR, and my first solo trip ever, I did something I swore I would never do....ALL-INCLUSIVE!!! As if that didn't make the trip American enough, I then opted to spend the entirety of my four days on the confines of the resort. I suppose if there is a place that this is considered acceptable, it would be Punta Cana. Long story short, I never spent a dime that wasn't debited from my account online, pre-departure...except for when I went on a 3 hour dune buggy tour.

Favorite local hangout? La playa! Third row, third lounge chair from the bar. If you can get over eye to eye with a hairy banana hammock, it's the place to be.

What one item are you so glad you packed? OFF! Or in my case Burt's Bees organic bug repellent. I don't know if they were mosquitoes or what, but my legs are still recovering from the massacre those bad boys put on me! Dios Mio!

Favorite eats/drinks? One word...Mamajuana! Organic Viagra...yes, please ;-)

What should you stay the HELL away from when visiting DR? The phrase "Hola Bonita. Te amo". American translation, "I'll love you up all night on this beach. You can get this lovin' back home with you for the mere cost of a green card and a few INS visits"

What were the highlights of your trip? Flying away with the satisfaction that I am brave enough to be my own good company even in a country where I know absolutely nobody at all.

Are you ready to quit your job, pack two bags and move to DR? I could live there. Hot men, perfect beaches, endless rum...but then again there are so many Caribbean islands that boast that same tag line. I'll just visit...often ;-)

Any advice for people interested in going to DR? Shop around! There are endless resorts in Punta Cana. Bigger isn't necessarily better. The Punta Cana Princess was a smaller garden style resort (as opposed to a high rise hotel), but the food was great, the service was exceptional, and they have a prime beach location.

How were the locals? Super friendly! I still Skype with several I met on my trip.

What was the wildest thing you did that you would NEVER do at home? I'm a pretty wild gal, but I'm not crazy! Considering the fact that I was solo-dolo I tried to keep it pretty in check.

Was there any eye candy? That's like asking if there was sand at the beach.

Name 5 "before I die" places you want to travel to:  Alaska, Antigua, Bali, Egypt, Argentina...not necessarily a bucket list. They're just next on my list. All except Egypt of course ;-(

What's the next trip? I'll be heading to the kitchen pretty soon. All this talk about DR has me craving a nice rummy concoction!

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Anonymous said...

What a bold move Nat. I applaud you.