Monday, May 2, 2011

First 48...

 Last fall, I took a quick trip to Amsterdam...quick like 48 hours (heyyyy...I'm a busy girl). Actually, the trip popped onto my  radar when my friend Laurian was planning HER trip to Amsterdam. Laurian was a bit frustrated because she was soooo ready to go to Europe, but her friends were flaking aka no partner in crime ;-) I can be quite EXTRA at times, so it should come as no surprise that I chimed in with a "I'll go with you". I had never been to Amsterdam, but had a good friend living there so I figured "why not?". Sooooo 6 months later I land at Schiphol International after my 6 hour overnight flight from Newark (yes, I made a friend on the flight). I made my way on public transportation over to our cute boutique hotel - Eden Hotel Amsterdam in Rembrandt Square. The next two days went by sooo fast I can barely recall everything. I would like to blame this selective memory on jetlag or could it be those famous coffee shops *ahem*. I do remember having an amazing time though! My friend Liz and her boyfriend are definitely living "La Dolce Vita" in Amsterdam. They live in the coolest neighborhood - The Jordaan and they have seamlessly adjusted to the Netherland lifestyle...I mean they ride doesn't get more Dutch than that. So I've put together a little AMS must do list for you:

Heineken Museum - If you've ever been so fortunate to visit World of Coke (Atl,GA) it's a similar experience, but instead of trying soda from around the walk thru the beer making process and get hammered on free Heineken at the end of the tour...definitely check it out!
Van Gogh Museum - If you love art like I do, be prepared to spend a chunk of time here...I almost passed out from low blood sugar because Laurian had to read every display *side eye*

Anne Frankhuis (Anne Frank House) - This is a special stop for all you girls (and some of you boys) that got lost in the pages of this icon's diary. I laughed...I bawled...this was definitely an AMS highlight...

Red Light District - Hellooooo Amsterdam! Do I really need to give deets here?!?!

Random coffee shops - Please apply the "When in Rome..." school of thought here and make sure you ask for White Widow *winks*

Net Net...Amsterdam is an AWESOME city! Very easy to navigate, the locals are great and you're just a train ride away from a day trip to Germany or Belgium...can't beat that with a stick ;-)

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