Monday, April 11, 2011

D.C Chillin'

It's been a month since Trinidad, so naturally I've been itching for a getaway. Luckily for me, my girl Adria's baby shower was this past weekend so I had a good excuse to hit #theglamtrak. I love D.C and always think this city is the happy median between NY and Atlanta. The weather is perfect, the culture is diverse and you're south enough to get Chick-fil-A, but north enough that Pepsi rules.

I'm a sucker for a good hotel and I swear it's just as important as the purpose of travel. I was thrilled to find a last minute deal on the cutest boutique hotel - Kimpton Helix. First impression of this telly was DOPPPPEEEEE!!!!! Let's just say they had the coolest white on white lobby that made me feel like my eyes were playing tricks on me. Mohammad, my fab front desk agent was super accommodating, I mean he gave me a 1p check out...unheard of these days. I could have slept in the was lined with snake skin. Helllloooo Helix have we met before? I love a skin ( sorry PETA). The room...aaahhh the room...9 words PEZ CANDY IN THE FREAKING LIME GREEN MINI BAR. The room  was this retro chic haven that looked like Andy Warhol and Candice Olsen puked up the finest resting spot for yours truly. While some would have been overstimulated by the 6 foot poster over the bed or the bright orange sink in the bathroom, I took a few moments to touch everything and take pix in front of the naughty Barbie and Ken wall decor.

The Kimpton Helix thinks of everything for you. There's an extensive list of "oops I forgot products" that are quickly ushered up to you with a press of a button. Amongst that list, I got tweezers, a magnifying make up mirror and a toothbrush/toothpaste combo (Gratis, by the way). The in room toiletries were premium and at the time of this post I haven't broken out in hives (fingers crossed). So saving the best detail for last...if you can't bring Fluffy on this trip, don't fret...send a pic of her/him and the Helix will have Fluffy framed up and waiting on your nightstand. *Sigh* I'm soooo ready to go back.

Pros: Location (Dupont Circle), decor
Cons: They didn't accept IOUs as a form of extended stay payment

Glamtrak certified ;-)


greanbeens said...

Haha! Is that a complementary cheetah print robe they offer you in the closet?

Anonymous said...

I am really loving this. A good read for the eyes after a trying last few days coupled with tight braids. My Dad would be proud, that just came to me. Looking forward to the next read.