Monday, April 4, 2011

Bag Lady

Here's the situation... you're waiting at the baggage carousel when you spot that poor unfortunate soul (which may be you) sheepishly heaving their Barney purple bag that has been stapled,  duct taped and sewn together. The handle is barely hanging on and oh, did I just spot an article of clothing peeking behind the busted zipper. Yes, these are real situations. If you want to avoid the utter shame of your bag giving out on you in the middle of Somewheresville Airport, here are a few great options...

Samsonite - I like to call Samsonite "luggage for the people"'s your middle of the road, not to chic not too shabby option. They carry a wide array of styles and sizes. Prices range from $120 to $299. I recommend for starters.

Diane Von Furstenerg - I was skeptical at first...thinking "Here we go another House of Dereon disaster", but DVF has an amazing luggage line. If you're a sucker for a good print and have about 300 bones to spare I recommend, but specifically for my ladies as this line is uber femme.

Delsey - With their innovative 360 degree swivel Pullmans, this collection is for the frequent traveler. Think 300,000 Delta Skymiles, not 200 mile road trip. Although prices settle around $400, they do have a few cost efficient pieces.

Tumi - Ooooh where do I know me is to know that Tumi makes my heart beat a little faster. I love their sleek signature black on black understated luggage. Simple, yet classic..Tumi has that je ne sa qa and with prices upwards of $900, you should have IT as well...

In these times, I understand dishing out $300+ for luggage may be a sacrifice, but luckily from time to time you can stumble upon these options in stores like Marshalls and Loehmanns. Soooo there is no excuse for borrowing your Mom's luggage, doctoring up your old one or dare I say it using shopping bags as carry - ons.

P.S- If money is no object, by all means run out and get that $36,000 vintage LouisVuitton trunk..I kidd

Happy Shopping!

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Doneisha said...

As someone with mismatched luggage and a huge handbag when travelling, your recommendations are noted.I'm eyeing that Tumi that makes your heart quiver. But there is just a little supn 'gangsta' yet 'frighten friday' about travelling with that one shopping bag that you dug deeep to make a purchase from that store that says "yup... I shop there!", as persons look with wonder regarding what exactly you bought...but then again the look I'm talking about could also be disgust as they think to themselves "how tacky".

PS. I do NOT travel with shopping bags...the above is based on observation and personal thought, lolol