Tuesday, April 26, 2011

As Seen On...

 I have tons of lists...there's 30 before 30, my bucket list, grocery list...you name it, so when I ran across this article (10 places to see before they disappear) today, I just had to pencil it in my agenda. The article lists ten natural wonders(obvi not the OFFICIAL natural wonder list..there are only 7, smarties) that you must see before they're gone from the Earth...thanks to global warming and all those other bad things we to do our planet (*ahem* Al Gore plug). 

Although my swimming skills don't rival Flipper,I always love a good island so I think I'll definitely throw Madagascar on the bucket list. Maybe I'll run into Marty, Alex and Gloria while I'm there...don't act like you haven't seen the movie. Ooooorrrrrr maybe I should hit the Dead Sea, the legendary site for Cleopatra's first spa.

What's jumping to the top of your list?

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