Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Sooo our friends over at Spirit Airlines have added more luggage fees !!!  As if we weren't just getting use to the heinous practice of paying for checked luggage, Spirit is now taxing travelers that decide to check bags or carry on bags when they get to the airport (like me). A year ago, Spirit hit us with the $30 charge for carry on luggage...but lets be real, unless you're taking a trip for other business ( think Johnny Depp in Blow) more than likely you're at least carrying on a bag. Now, GOD forsake you forget to pre-pay your carry on luggage when you buy your ticket, you're slapped with an additional $10 fee. To me that looks like $40 to carry on a makeup bueno. Oh, and just for added pleasure, Spirit dropped the luggage weight threshold from 50lbs to no more than 40lbs (41lbs is an extra $25 on top of the checked bag fee). So in short, don't get caught at the airport "making it rain" at the Spirit kiosk...I warned you. For more deets check out


Kristina said...

When I was searching for our tickets to Jamaica over the summer, we thought found the best deal when we saw Spirit's price. NOT! Once I started to go through the process of booking the tickets, I came upon the checked and carryon baggage fees. By the time it was all summed up, it was cheaper to go with Air Jamaica who didn't charge for checked or carryon bags AND they still allow checked bags up to 50lbs!

So, NO Spirit for me!!!!

Doneisha said...

I'm yet to fly this patty shop on wheels and clearly it looks like they sealed the deal for me, "Miss I sometimes have overwieght luggage & definitely a check on". "Making it rain" at the, any "rain making" is gonna be in the m-a-l-l for me. Perhaps they should reconsider luggage fees to Ja. cause there aint nothing light about our travelling.